Online Slot Game Called Revenge of the Cyborgs

Revenge of Cyborgs is a slot machine that can be played on any desktop or mobile device. It has 5 reels and 20 fixed paylines of pure high-variance action that is spiced with fascinating animations, dramatic fights, and symbols that pay out well. This online slot game has the potential to provide rewards of up to 50,000 coins when it is played for real money, and that is before any extra features are activated. However, if you are able to reach the free spins rounds, you will not only be able to experience various extra features such as sticky wilds and both-ways-to-win mechanics, but all of your rewards will also be doubled.

Controls & Configuration for the Revenge of the Cyborgs Slot

Players who are new to the world of online slot games won’t have any problems playing Revenge of Cyborgs since the game’s controls are so straightforward and easy to understand. You are going to have to decide how much money each coin is worth before you start playing, and you will also have to pick whether you want to stake one coin or many coins on each line. You have the ability to place bets ranging from a minimum of 0.20 credits every round up to a maximum of 200 credits per round by making use of the user-friendly buttons on the screen.

The slot machine has twenty paylines that are always active and may result in a payoff for the player. The only way to find out which paylines are active is to go through the pay table. There are a total of 11 different symbols that may win you prizes, and the payments for these symbols are presented in the form of coins. You may win anywhere from two coins for three matching symbols all the way up to two hundred and fifty coins for five matching symbols if you play for real money and use just one coin per line. This variety of rewards is available to you even if you only use one coin per line. Increasing the amount of coins in play will result in a further multiplication of these payments, giving you a maximum prize of 2,500 coins for each combination. But the thing that makes this slot game stand out from the others is that it can go from being a game played from left to right to being a slot machine that can be won in both directions, giving you even more chances to earn a profit.

And if you want to play this online slot on a smartphone, you will receive the same fluid experience that you can enjoy on a computer, but the playing controls will be simplified. The mobile version of the online slot game Revenge of the Cyborgs is compatible with both Android and iOS devices, but in order to play it, you need to rotate your smartphone so that it is in horizontal mode. When you play the slot on a mobile device, on-screen buttons will let you to manage the rounds, but the controls for your bets will be buried deep inside the game’s menu.

The Gameplay and Bonuses of Revenge of the Cyborgs

While the conflict between humans and cyborgs rages on the screen, you will be waiting for a sequence of at least three matching symbols to develop on one or more paylines, commencing on the reel to your leftmost position. The spaceship symbols are the ones that pay the most, and they come in a total of six distinct variations and two different colors. However, the red and blue planets are the ones that will thrill you the most since not only do they function as wild symbols, but they also have the ability to trigger any and all of the game’s additional features.

The planet re-spins are the first of the bonuses, and they are activated when either a wild symbol representing a red planet appears on reel five or a wild symbol representing a blue planet appears on reel one. If the red planet shows up, it will activate a feature that gives you re-spins. During this time, the symbol will move one place to the left and the cyborg will assault the human, causing the human to lose health with each new spin. The same function is triggered by the blue planet, but it travels to the right and causes the human to lose health by assaulting the cyborg. If one of the two health meters reaches zero, the slot machine will award the player 15 free spins as part of the bonus round.

During the cyborg free spins, the slot will transform every red spacecraft that appears on the reels into a sticky wild. This means that it will stay in place for the whole of the bonus, but it will also provide rewards in both ways. On the other hand, the human free spins will transform the blue spacecraft into sticky wilds and will provide you with a multiplier of two times the normal amount.


Revenge of Cyborgs is one of the best works produced by Fugaso. It provides amusement that cannot be matched and thrilling additional incentives. This slot is one that you should consider adding to your list if you are interested in finding imaginative slot games that can be played on any budget and yet pay big payouts. If you play with real money, you have a chance to win payments of up to 50,000 coins, and maybe even more if you activate some of the additional features. If you win, you get to keep the coins. Revenge of Cyborgs is a slot machine that has a high volatility and a low hit ratio. As a result, it has the potential to pay out rather handsomely, despite the fact that it is not designed for players who want to play slots with a low level of risk.

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